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VIBRATO 60 KHz and 80KHz Ultrasonic Cleaners in 6 Quart and 10 Quart Sizes are available on our Tindie web store ! They sell out quickly, so please place your name on the "waiting list" to be informed when they are back in stock!!! 

Vibrato Ultrasonic Cleaners  NOW HAVE Aluminum Enclosures! 9/1/2015

New Vibrato Aluminum Ultrasonic Cleaner

 Get the 6 Quart 80KHz Model HERE

10 Quart Vibrato Ultrasonic Cleaner with Drain

Get the 10 Quart 80KHz Model HERE

By special request, you may change the Frequency of the Transducers to either 40khz or 135Khz !

Special Order charges apply for 135khz.


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Vibrato 6 Quart 80KHz Ultrasonic Cleaner features three- 60 Watt, 80KHz Transducers, 120 Watt Heater, and Digital Thermostat/Countdown Timer.

Vibrato 6 Quart 60KHz Ultrasonic Cleaner features six- 35 Watt 60KHz Transducers, 120 Watt Heater and Digital Thermostat/Countdown Timer.

6 Qt. Tank inside dimensions are:

11 3/4" X 6" X 6"deep

The 10 Quart, 80KHz Ultrasonic Cleaner boasts a Manual Drain, 120 Watt Heater, Digital Thermostat, Digital Countdown Timer, and SIX- 60 Watt Transducers !

10 Qt. Tank inside dimensions are:

11 3/4" X 9 3/8" X 6" deep

Vibrato Digital Thermostat and Timer

Vibrato Cleaning Cavitation in Action 80khz

Vibrato Ultrasonic Cleaner Testing on Bench

 Vibrato Assembly

Vibrato Ultrasonic Generator Board

Vibrato Ultrasonic Generator Board

Variable 30 Minute Electronic Timer Board0-99 Minute Countdown Timer

Digital Thermostat and Timer

Vibrato Power Supply Board







cavitation bubble implosion example


     Example of an Ultrasonic Cavitation Bubble Imploding