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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are different frequency's important?

Lower frequency's, such as 25kHz to 35kHz, are more powerful. The cavitation bubble is larger, therefore, the implosion creates more force. Lower frequency ultrasonic cleaners are used for heavy-duty cleaning of heavy parts such as auto parts.

Medium frequency ultrasonics, like 40kHz to 68kHz, are still powerful, but are used for more generalized cleaning. These medium frequency's are used to clean surgical and dental tools, jewelry, and tattoo guns. Even golf clubs, and food are cleaned within this frequency range. The cavitation bubbles are smaller, and slightly less powerful, but there is also more of them than in the lower frequency range!

Higher frequencies, such as 80kHz up to 200kHz, are used for delicate objects, like silicon wafers used to make microprocessors. The cavitation bubble are extremely small, very subtle, and plentiful.


What is Cavitation?

Cavitation, simply put, is the formation and implosion of microscopic bubbles created in the ultrasonic process.

A Transducer is bonded to the stainless steel tank, and is powered by the VIBRATO Ultrasonic Generator with high voltage, high frequency pulses. This causes the transducer to vibrate in a high frequency range, thru expanding and contracting of the specialized ceramic material. These vibrations are transfered into the liquid inside the tank, which then generates the imploding microscopic bubbles. That is the Cavitation.

Those tiny implosions are able to get into places where hand cleaning cannot reach, even inside the parts being cleaned! This is the reason ultrasonic cleaning is quickly being adopted and preferred method of cleaning by many industries and individuals!

A properly tuned Vibrato Ultrasonic ensures you get the MOST cavitation in every cleaning cycle; cleaning better, faster and more powerfully.


Do I need the "Tremolo" frequency sweep?

In most cases, no.

It is an option if you intend to clean delicate parts or instrument, in addition to heavier cleaning.

Frequency sweep prevents "standing waves" (concentrated areas of cavitation) that can damage delicate items and helps the cavitation to reach all areas of the cleaning tank.

The VIBRATO Ultrasonic Cleaner can be used in it's normal, steady frequency mode. When needed, the "Tremolo" can be turned on or off with a switch.


Why should I buy Vibrato Ultrasonics when there are cheaper Chinese ultrasonics available on other websites?

We wish we could compete with the cheap Chinese prices, however, I would like to point out a few things for you to think about:

1)  Chinese ultrasonics may incur high shipping charges and LONG transit times. Items coming from overseas can be easily damaged in transit due to poor packing and handling.

2)  When the Chinese ultrasonic unit fails, where will you send it for repair? Who will you call for technical assistance? Will you receive a "loaner" ultrasonic while yours is being repaired? How long will all that take?                                                                Vibrato, LLC. will provide you with quick, expert technical assistance, and professional repairs ! 

3)  Do the Chinese units contain counterfeit parts (in recent news, counterfeit parts from China have been sold to our military causing major failures!!!) or inferior electronic parts that are substandard and may fail ?                                                 Vibrato, LLC guarantees that each of our units are personally produced here in America, thoroughly tested and properly calibrated to work at maximum efficiency.

Vibrato, LLC is being threatend and hacked by Chinese individuals who wish to exploit  our legally registered name and website to defraud you, the customer, and capitalize on our good reputation. Be Aware, and Do Not Be Deceived.


Is it normal for the Heater to take a while to heat the water?

UPDATE 8/9/15: We have changed from a 60 Watt heater to a 120 Watt heater, which heats much faster and maintains the heat!

Previous Models:

Yes, although there are things you can do to help speed up the heating process:

Allow time before you need to use your Vibrato Ultrasonic Cleaner to pre-heat the solution. (Never run the heater without the proper level of water/solution, which is one inch from the top).

Keep the tank covered with the included Stainless Steel Lid.

Run the Ultrasonics. This not only helps to de-gas the water/solution, it also helps heat the water/solution. The cavitation bubbles, when imploding, releases heat in excess of 10,000 degrees (as scientific studies have shown). This super-heat is in microscopic amounts, but will help heat.

Some other notes:

Do not let the heater burn off all the water/solution. Always turn off the Main Power Switch after each use. Letting the water/solution burn out will damage the tank and the heater, and will void your warranty.

Allow a cool down period between cleaning cycles. Although the Thermostat may turn off, the cavitation from the transducers will continue to heat the water/solution, and may go above your set "cut-off" temperature.



How long should I run the cleaning cycle?

For most items, running the cleaning cycle for 5 to 10 Minutes is sufficient.

Larger, or multiple items, may take 15 Minutes.

Heavy, bulky items (such as engine parts) may take 30 to 45 Minutes.

It is not recommended to run the Ultrasonics for more than this. Increasing the cleaning time will not make any object cleaner. Leaving delicate objects in the ultrasonic too long can cause damage to the object.

Ultimately, you should experiment with the cleaning times and find the optimum time with which to clean your items.


Will the Vibrato Ultrasonic Cleaner and Boards work on overseas voltages? Such as 220vAC or 240vAC @ 50Hz. ?

NO !!! Vibrato Ultrasonic Cleaners and Circuit Boards will not work on voltages above 120vAC.

We have tested our boards on 220vac @ 60hz, and the Output Driver shorted out ! The reason is, when used on 220vac, the voltage generated by the Output Transformer "steps - up" the voltage on the Output driver, which EXCEDES it voltage rating !

Overseas customers MUST use a "Step-Down Transformer" that reduces the voltage from 220/240 vac to 120 vac at 3 amps minimum.

Powering the Vibrato with any voltage above 120vac wil cause IMMEDIATE DAMAGE and VOIDS ALL WARRANTYS.

UPDATE 8/9/15: We believe we have found a solution to using our circuit boards on voltages above 120vAC. Stay tuned as we test this modification. Until then, continue to use the above precautions!!!

cavitation bubble implosion example


     Example of an Ultrasonic Cavitation Bubble Imploding