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Vibrato Ultrasonic Cleaner

VIBRATO, LLC was officially formed in January 2014, although the breakthrough in the proprietary circuit came in December of 2012. Much of 2013 was spent prototyping, testing and perfecting what has become the VIBRATO ULTRASONIC GENERATOR.

And now, as an American business, we aspire to grow into one of the top world-wide providers of innovative and reliable ultrasonic equipment in the industry.

6 Quart, 60KHz Ultrasonic Cleaner

6 Quart 80KHz Ultrasonic Cleaner

10 Quart 60KHz Ultrasonic Cleaner with manual drain

10 Quart 80KHz Ultrasonic Cleaner with manual drain

Also in the works is a new product line, soon to be announced!

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Our goal is to develop the most flexible, reliable ultrasonic equipment, while also providing the best technical assistance and repair service.

Customer Testimonials

vibrato youtube channel

Please visit our YouTube Channel to see our VIBRATO Ultrasonic Cleaners and Prototypes in action!



Vibrato, LLC. Proudly supports the following Organizations :

ween dream org

WEEN DREAM.ORG, who provides Halloween Costumes to Children in need!

Charleston Animal Society

Charleston Animal Society is a No-Kill Shelter !

Ravi Zacharias International Ministry

Ravi Zacharias is an internationally renouned Christian Apologist !

cavitation bubble implosion example


     Example of an Ultrasonic Cavitation Bubble Imploding

Vibrato PCB Production assembly