vibrato ultrasonic generator




Innovation thru Research and Development

We at VIBRATO, LLC. are continuing to develop electronic circuits!

After being contacted by a DIYAudio Forum, we were asked to produce a Special-Order model for cleaning Vinyl Records ! The forum members intend to produce their own mechanisms to mount and turn the LP Records, but wanted Higher Frequency Transducers than are normally found for sale.


This Custom Model pictured below is the VIBRATO 6 Quart, 80 Kilohertz Ultrasonic Cleaner with a Digital Thermostat and Countdown Timer.

The Newest Vibrato Ultrasonic Cleaner

We have replaced the plastic enclosures with sturdy Aluminum Housings.

Now available on our web store

The 10 Quart Model has a manual drain!

10 Quart Manual Drain

Vibrato Transducer Tester - handheld model

Above is the Transducer Tester we developed to ensure proper calibration of our Vibrato Ultrasonic Generators!


We have a proprietary multi-zone frequency sweep circuit called the "Tremolo". This proprietary circuit, available for 40khz Frequencies and below, which varies the frequency slightly above, thru, and below the resonant frequency of the transducer in different areas of the tank ! This is an option available on certain models and is desired by certain professionals. It prevents "standing waves" that can damage delicate parts and instruments, such as ceramics.

Proprietary TREMOLO Frequency Sweep Circuit board module.



cavitation bubble implosion example


     Example of an Ultrasonic Cavitation Bubble Imploding