Vibrato, LLC.

Innovative, Great Sounding Footpedals for Guitar Players



Vibrato, LLC. hand-built, true-bypass Footpedals for Guitar Players,

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SugarFoot Pedals

GlassJaw Foot Pedal

GlassJaw Real Vacuum-Tube

Overdrive with JFet preamp

FuzzWiser Fuzzbox

FuzzWiser original circuit

Distortion/Fuzz Overdrive

TwoEggs fuzz face-type Distortion

TwoEggs Germanium

fuzz-face type Distortion

TrebleRanger Germanium Booster Pedal

TrebleBooster germanium

treble booster effects box

LeperKlon Shintaur

LeperKlon Shintaur

Modified "Klon Centaur"-type

footpedal with a range from

clear to full-on rock tone!