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Why are different Frequencies important?

Lower Frequencies, such as 25khz to 35khz, are more powerful. The cavitation bubble is larger, therefore, the implosion creates more force. Lower frequency Ultrasonic Cleaners are ideally intended for heavy-duty cleaning in industries, such as Auto, Motorcycle, Aeronautics.

A Medium Frequency of 40khz are still powerful, but are used for more generalized cleaning. It can damage delicate items, such as pearls and soft stones. Intended for mechanisms such as carburetors , stencils, airbrushes, food, tattoo guns, tools, ballistics (guns/ammo), Printed Circuit Boards, etc.

Higher Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaners in the range of 60khz to 80khz offer more delicate and detailed cleaning. These frequencies are ideal for Vinyl Records, Jewelry, medical instruments for gross contamination removal, small mechanisms (watches), photographic equipment, liposome creation, eyeglasses and optics, cellular destruction of bacteria and viruses, etc.

Ultra-High Frequncies, such as our 135Khz, is a specialized frequency intended for specific industries where the ultimate gentlness is required. This range would include Silicon Wafers and photographic film.


What is Cavitation?

Cavitation, simply put, is the formation and implosion of microscopic bubbles created in the Ultrasonic process.

A Transducer (made of piezo-ceramic material) is bonded to a stainless-steel tank and is powered by our Vibrato Ultrasonic Generator using high voltage, high frequency pulses. This causes the ceramic material to expand and contract (vibrate). These vibrations are transferred into the liquid inside the tank, which generates the imploding microscopic bubbles. That is the cavitation.

example of a cavitation bubble implosion

These tiny implosions are able to penetrate areas inaccessible by hand. The implosion "shock-waves" travel at speeds near 400km/hr and release intense heat, in minuscule amounts, of approximately 5,000 degrees Celsius.

A properly tuned Vibrato Ultrasonic ensures you get the most cavitation in every cleaning cycle.


What is the Tremolo Frequency Sweep?

The Tremolo Frequency Sweep is a desired option that we have decided to included as a standard feature on our Ultrasonic Cleaners.

It is intended for customers who wish to clean delicate items in addition to heavier cleaning. Frequency Sweep helps prevent "Standing Waves" (concentrated areas of cavitation), which can damage delicate items (pearls, soft stones, thin metals, etc). It also helps spread cavitation evenly throughout the tank.

Our "Tremolo" circuit is microprocessor controlled to shift the frequency output to the transducers over a narrow 1Khz band on the Left, Right and Middle of the Tank at different timing rates, eliminating destructive standing-waves.

The Vibrato Ultrasonic Cleaner can be used in it normal, steady frequency mode. When needed, the Tremolo can be turned on/off with the Switch on the front of the unit.


Why should I buy Vibrato Ultrasonic Cleaners when there are cheaper Chinese-made ultrasonics on other websites?

I wish we could compete with the cheap Chinese prices, however, I'd like to point out a few things for you to consider:

1) Chinese ultrasonics may incur high shipping charges and LONG transit times. It comes from overseas and can be easily damaged in transit due to poor packing and handling. (I bought one and one of the transducers was broken off the tank!)

At Vibrato, LLC., we double-box every Ultrasonic Cleaner to reduce damage!

2) When your Chinese ultrasonic fails, where do you send it for repair? Will you receive technical assistance? How long will it take?

3) Do these Chinese unit contain counterfeit parts? It's not uncommon, as China has sold counterfeit parts to our military! 

The Vibrato website was even hacked and stolen by people in China who wanted to exploit our legally registered name and capitalize on our good reputation.

4) Is an inexpensive Chinese-made 40khz Ultrasonic Cleaner the right frequency for your needs?


Is it normal for the Heater to take a while to heat the water?

Yes, although there are things you can do to speed the process:

1) Keep the tank covered with the included lid.

2) Run the Ultrasonics, not only to help de-gas the water/solution, but the act of cavitation releases heat!

3) Check the water temperature with a separate thermometer! It may be hotter than displayed! The Digital Heat Sensor we use is attached to the tank wall and does not come into contact with the water. Since stainless-steel is a poor heat conductor, there may be a disparity between water temperature and tank wall temperature! 


How long should I run the Cleaning Cycle?

For most items, running the cleaning cycle for 5 to 10 minutes is sufficient.

Larger, or multiple items, may take 15 minutes.

Heavy or bulky items (such as engine parts) may take 30 to 45 minute.

It is not recommended to run the Ultrasonics for more than this. Increasing cleaning time will not may objects cleaner. Leaving delicate objects in the ultrasonic too long can cause damage to the object.

Ultimately, you should experiment with cleaning times to find the optimum cleaning cycle for your needs.


Will the Vibrato Ultrasonic Cleaners work on overseas voltages? Such as 220vAC or 240vAC ?

NO !!! Vibrato Ultrasonic Cleaners WILL NOT work on voltages above 120 Volts AC !!

Connecting our ultrasonic cleaner to 220 Volts AC or 240 Volts AC will cause IMMEDIATE DAMAGE and VOID our WARRANTY 

Overseas customers MUST USE a "Step-Down Converter that reduces voltages from 220/240v to 120vAC at 3 amps minimum.

We are still working on a solution for international voltages.


Do you sell individual Circuit Boards?

In most cases, no.

Our Vibrato Ultrasonic Generator must be precisly tuned to the resonant frequency of the Transducers. This requires specialized technical experience and electronic test equipment that most people do not own.

Email me ( ) and tell me about your project. Let me know if you have the necessary test equipment and electronic experience and I will make a decision based on that information.


What is the Best frequency for cleaning Vinyl Records? What type of Cleaning Solution should I use for Vinyl Records?

I get these question a lot !

Our most popular frequency with Vinyl Record Collectors is our 80Khz Ultrasonic Cleaner ( 6 quart and 10 quart models). 

I recommend the following:

If your Albums are in relatively good shape, the 80khz Ultrasonic is desirable for its small cavitation bubble that is better able to penetrate the record grooves.

If you buy albums from garage sales, swap-meets, estate sales and they have mold and/or water damage, then the slightly stronger frequency of 60Khz is better. 

Keep in mind that Ultrasonic Cleaning is for removing debris. It can not make a poor pressing sound better and can not remove scratches.

As for Cleaning Solutions for Vinyl Albums, there are many different ideas about this. I highly recommend reading through the DIYAUDIO FORUM , since they are experts on this subject and discuss many aspects for Vinyl Record Cleaning.


Where can I buy Vibrato Ultrasonic Cleaners?

At this time, we only sell through our Online store on the Tindie website.

For Special Orders, Requests or production times email me at 

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