Vibrato, LLC.

Custom Ultrasonic Cleaners and Electronics

Made in the USA since 2014 



 Vibrato, LLC. has been building custom Ultrasonic Cleaners since January 2014, using a proprietary circuit which allows our Ultrasonic Generators to be tuned to the resonant frequency of the transducers being used!

We are able to provide customers with Specialty Frequencies not readily available on the market, from 25Khz up to 135Khz, at a reasonable price!

Currently, we provide Vibrato Ultrasonic Cleaners using 40khz, 60khz, 80khz and 135khz Transducers in Two Sizes: 6 Quart and 10 Quart. Each come with a Manual Drain, Digital Thermostat/Countdown Timer, 120 Watt Heater and our Proprietary "Tremolo" MultiZone Frequency Sweep Circuit!

Our primary customers have been Vinyl Record Collectors, who love our 60khz and 80khz Ultrasonic Cleaners. However, our Ultrasonic Cleaners can be used for any variety of purposes, such as Jewelry, Lapidary, tattoo equipment, airbrushes, medical instruments, inkjet cartridges, auto or motorcycle parts, mechanisms, liposomes, gun and ammo, eyeglasses, printed circuit boards (pcb's), cellular wall disruption and anything else for which Ultrasonic Cleaners are used. But instead of being stuck with the standard Chinese-made 40khz, which floods the market, you can now purchase the right tool for the job you require.

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